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Will Europe belong to Europeans?

FROM COUNTER CURRENTS- 6,808 words Viktor Orbán’s speech at the 28th Bálványos Summer Open University and Student Camp, 22 July 2017, Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tuşnad, Romania) First of all, I’d like to remind everyone that we started a process of collective … Read more »

Donald Trump Dumps Jeff Sessions

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT – I’ve made no secret of my disillusionment with the Trump administration. It started with the disavowal of the Alt-Right on November 22. There were many who tried to blame that on Richard Spencer. I was skeptical of … Read more »

Interview with C. B. Robertson

FROM COUNTER CURRENTS- 138 words / 59:52 To listen in a player, click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.” To subscribe to the CC podcast RSS feed, click here. Greg … Read more »

Bill Whittle's Firewall: The Republic of Emotion

FROM FRONT PAGE MAG –  Check out the new FIREWALL video from political commentator extraordinaire Bill Whittle, who talks about the cruelties and consequences of a world where nothing matters except HOW YOU FEEL. READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE @  Bill Whittle's … Read more »

The Democrats' “Rising Star”

FROM FRONT PAGE MAG –  As House and Senate Democrats press forward with their quest to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency by any means necessary, they are simultaneously focused on finding someone in their ranks who could be an effective presidential … Read more »

The New Brownshirts: Thugs vs. Free Speech on Campus

FROM FRONT PAGE MAG –  Leftist students routinely intimidate and even physically menace those who dissent from their views, especially pro-Israel students. Conservative speakers are rarely invited to campuses, and when they are, face legions of hostile and even violent … Read more »

Marx and Mohammed in Manchester

FROM FRONT PAGE MAG –  Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism. There’s good news for Manchester. The city with the highest death … Read more »

My Response to Bret Stephens

FROM FRONT PAGE MAG –  Bret Stephens devoted his New York Times column last week to admonishing me for my tweet from two weeks ago and critiquing my follow-up column last week explaining the tweet. The tweet reads, “The news … Read more »

The Fatherland – Episode 87: Angery Dads

FROM THE RIGHT STUFF – This week Jim doesn’t eat dinner before the show and is super angery. We talk about vasectomies, the SkyMall, and Jewish ice cream.  RSS FEED: Questions for the Mannerbund can be sent directly to … Read more »