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Sanctuary Businesses Throw Down The Gauntlet On May Day

FROM VDARE – The City of Oakland has created a Sanctuary Business program, restaurant owners have created the Sanctuary Restaurant movement, and this May Day, the international Communist holiday, many restaurants are closing down to support their illegal alien workforce. … Read more »

Low Immigrant Turnout Against Le Pen?

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT – Nationalist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen started strong in the run-off against globalist Emmanuel Macron and recently won an important mainstrem Right endorsement. A week out from the second and final round of voting the good news … Read more »

Retail Use of Automation Is Increasing

FROM VDARE – Automation is creating a revolution in shopping: from ordering merchandise from Amazon to visiting a local supermarket with self-checkout, the machines are moving in. In particular, big changes are coming in retail out where the public will … Read more »

Why Rich Liberal Colleges Are So Hate-Filled

FROM VDARE – Spotted Toad considers why extremely upscale colleges like Middlebury and the Claremont consortium seem to be jumping through so many hoops at present: Also interesting to me is how the whole incident fits into the broader pattern I … Read more »

Why Race Matters

FROM American Renaissance – There is an old saying — supposedly an ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” Today the curse has come true. The interesting times are here. What is most interesting about them is that … Read more »