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How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration

FROM American Renaissance – The myth which liberals like myself like myself find tempting, is that only the right has changed. In June 2015, we tell ourselves, Donald Trump rode down his golden escalator and pretty soon nativism, long a … Read more »

Mexico: May Homicide Number Highest Ever Recorded

FROM American Renaissance – The bodies of three murdered women, between 20 and 25 years old, in Jiutepec, Morelos state in Mexico. (Credit Image: © EFE/ Homicide numbers are in for the month of May and they are not good. … Read more »

4 Ways To Boost Your Physical And Mental Well-Being

RETURN OF KINGS – Sponsored Article Sponsored Article is ROK’s official account that publishes sponsored articles from advertisers. If you are interested hiring a sponsored article for your site, product, or service, visit our advertising page. The following article was … Read more »

Poll: White Southern Men Most Armed

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT – A recent Pew Reasearch poll is being touted by Politico because it reveals that a slight majority (52%) of people living in the United States now support stricter gun laws, with 34% supporting much stricter gun laws. … Read more »


Read Now from Alternative Right Blog THE 6th of 8 WEEKLY OUTLINES OF CULTURIST POLICY CULTURIST EDUCATION POLICY by John K. Press Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The use of philosophy, art, governance policy and science to honor, promote, manage and protect traditional majority … Read more »

The Insidious Influence of the SPLC

FROM American Renaissance – Morris Dees and Heidi Belrich of the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Credit Image: © Buchan/Rex Shutterstock via ZUMA Press) The Washington-based Family Research Council “advances faith, family and freedom in government and culture from a Christian … Read more »

Farstar – Migrants Doing the Jobs…..

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT – The very talented graphic artist Farstar has created a rather disturbing comic envisioning a day where 3rd world migrants might not always be the Left’s obedient pets. We did have an incident this week where an illegal … Read more »