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Finding More Smart Rural White Kids

FROM VDARE – Here’s an NYT article on a charity, College Advising Corps, which sends young adult college counselors to rural high schools to encourage the smarter kids to be more ambitious in their college plans. Caroline Hoxby of Stanford … Read more »

Why Yankees Must Defend Confederate Heritage

FROM American Renaissance – The attacks on Confederate monuments in New Orleans and Charlottesville are only the newest front in America’s longest war. For over 200 years, civil war has raged between “progressive” white elites and the “reactionary” conservatives they … Read more »

Yet Another Jihad Massacre in Britain

FROM American Renaissance – Credit Image: © Silverhub/Rex Shutterstock via ZUMA Press Here we go again. 19 people are dead and 50 wounded in a suspected jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, a target that the … Read more »

Manchester Terror Attack: Everything We Know So Far (Photos)

FROM American Renaissance – Credit Image: © Joel Goodman/London News Pictures via ZUMA Wire The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the Manchester suicide bomb attack at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night which left 22 people dead, including an eight-year-old … Read more »

David Frum Uses Manchester To Attack Trump

FROM VDARE – The ATLANTIC’s David Frum takes a “moment” after the recent Manchester bombing to attack Trump. As we mourn Manchester, remember: for a moment of ignorant boasting, the president betrayed one of the West’s best sources inside ISIS. … Read more »


Read Now from Alternative Right Blog [embedded content] In 2013, Richard Spencer, Colin Liddell, and Andy Nowicki discussed the nature of Islam and its propensity for violence. Christianity and Islam effectively replaced Roman civilization, but while Christianity helped to pacify … Read more »

THE DAILY SHOAH #157: Ariana Akbar

FROM THE RIGHT STUFF – The latest from your favorite partially monetized fashy fake radio show is up over at Radio.TheRightStuff.Biz. READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE @