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The Laws: Plato’s Sacred Ethnostate, Part 1

FROM The Occidental Observer – A version of this article will appear as a chapter in an upcoming book on ethnopolitical thought in ancient Greece. Constructive criticisms and comments are therefore most welcome. Plato’s Republic is one of the most famous … Read more »


Read Now from Alternative Right Blog by James Lawrence I enjoy watching the Youtuber Sargon of Akkad, and in truth prefer his content to most of the explicitly Alt-Right content on Youtube. This is because Sargon, while a far cry … Read more »

Who Will Take Care of You When You’re Old?

FROM American Renaissance – Credit Image: Veronika Lukasova/ Home Instead Senior Care is a company that sends caregivers to private homes to help look after elderly people. In December, 2010, Home Instead paid $150,000 to settle a racial bias suit … Read more »

Comments of the Week, April 22, 2017

FROM American Renaissance – We welcome comments that add information or perspective, and we encourage polite debate. If you log in with a social media account, your comment should appear immediately. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may comment … Read more »

Leftists Attempt to Shut Down AfD Congress in Cologne

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT – The radical Left has organized a massive demonstration against the Alternative for Germany party as it holds its congress in Cologne, The Guardian reports: Thousands of leftist demonstrators have tried to disrupt a gathering of Alternative for Germany … Read more »

Terror Shooting in Paris, Le Pen & Sunday’s Election

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT – The recent attack by a Muslim immigrant upon police in Paris that left one officer dead has focused Sunday’s presidential election in France upon immigration and security, CNN reports: The three main candidates canceled campaign events and instead made … Read more »

Sessions: June Deadline for Sanctuary Cities

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT – The US Justice Department, headed by former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, has issued a deadline to several major “sanctuary cities” which shield illegal immigrants from deportation. Cities such as Philadelphia, PA risk losing millions of dollars in … Read more »

Atlanta Forum 1 Speeches

OCCIDENTAL DISSENT – You wanted it and we are delivering the goods! The latest Rebel Yell podcast contains the four major presentations from the first Atlanta Forum from Musonius Rufus, R. G. Miller, Hunter Wallace, Michael Cushman and Sam Dickson. … Read more »