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Richard Spencer in the midst of the Alt-Right phalanx.

The genocide of the White race in its homelands (and, yes, that includes America obviously) is not going to be stopped without a certain amount of, shall we say, “unpleasantness.” Charlottesville proves that.

Alt-Righters and other patriots gathered for a peaceful and disciplined protest, with the full expectation of politicized police and antifa launching a coordinated attack, which is exactly what happened.

First, a dubious “state of emergency” was declared by the Democratic Governor of Virgina Terry McAuliffe, allowing the politicized police to start pushing patriots around.

Meanwhile violent antifa groups were allowed complete freedom to assemble and launch their attacks—several protesters were maced and injured by blows and missiles while the politicized police stood by and did nothing.

The politicized police stood by while the Left attacked our people literally with flamethrowers.

The goals, as always, were (1) to physically harm nationalists and (2) provoke them into acts of self defence that could later be spun, through fake media, as “Nazi violence, oy vey!” (dead meme).

But this time, it seems the Gods were on our side, as none of our guys died, while three of the enemy — yes THREE!!! — died and they weren’t even killed by Alt-Righters in acts of heroic self defence. Yes, they were simply killed by their own evil incompetence and perhaps a little Kosmic Karma.

The two politicised police (pol-pols?) flying the helicopter — probably selected for reasons of “diversity” — were killed after the helicopter spiralled out of control after buzzing and spying on protesters.

Boo hoo, so sad, never mind.

The lone antifa, a 32-year-old woman, was killed when a 20-year-old normie driver, James Alex Fields, was scared by a large, violent, Left-wing mob swarming round his car. Fields, a registered Republican who looks every inch a Jeb Bush supporter, ploughed his car into the mob in a desperate attempt to escape from these savages.

Antifa picked the wrong normie to mess with.

Obviously this would not have happened if the group in question had been civil and well-behaved members of the Alt-Right alliance. So, effectively this death can be chalked up to a self-inflicted antifa death.

Unwitting anti-antifa and possible Jeb Bush supporter, James Alex Fields.

But more important than the deaths of three people standing on the wrong side of history, the events of the day also play completely into several Alt-Right narratives:

  1. The racist Anti-White policing double standard: well-behaved White demonstrators are maced and attacked by police, while BLM and anarchist demonstrators are “given space to destroy.”
  2. The collusion of the police and antifa in Leftist controlled states and college towns like Berkeley and now Virginia.
  3. The fact that antifa are terrorist organizations that include severely mentally dysfunctional people who are inherently violent.
  4. The fact that the Leftist media and fake news corporations do EVERYTHING to normalize and encourage this kind of violence.

So, all-in-all, August 12th will be remembered as a massive day for the Alt-Right, and an enormous victory that will spawn countless more victories in the future.

Andy Nowicki joins the fray.