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The Lügenpresse Is Nothing But Leftwing Narratives


This is the biggest steaming pile of leftwing bullshit you will read today:

“Network analysis shows that the huge, established corporate media outlets, ranging from the New York Times and Washington Post to CNN, inhabit an almost completely separate world from the news consumed by rightwing voters. The sun of this “alt-right” solar system is Breitbart, around which numerous other paranoia-vendors orbit. …

But something massive happened between 2008 and 2017: the ideology of the ruling elite fell apart. They kept the global finance system alive with $12tn of printed money and the philosophy of “extend and pretend”. But it’s hard to keep an ideology alive that way. People’s brains demand coherence – and what the liberal conservatism of the Wall Street Journal could not provide, the racist xenophobia of Breitbart did.

We have to learn something profound from this. In an ideological crisis, facts alone do not win arguments: narratives do. The clearest difference between the liberal-democratic newspapers – including this one – and those of the right is that the former have no overarching narrative. They espouse a series of good causes. They partake in stolid investigations hidebound by numerous self-imposed rules, as a result of which nobody gets busted. Having bought the ideological self-justification that “I just report the truth”, many journalists and editors are clueless as to why this “truth” is now being walloped by outright lies. …”

Are you kidding me?

Here’s a recent headline from yesterday’s edition of The New York Times: White Supremacists Step Up Recruiting on Campus, Report Says.

“The three episodes are among more than 100 since the school year started in September that the Anti-Defamation League lists in a new report tracking efforts by white supremacists to recruit students on college campuses.

Most of the events — 65 of them — have occurred since January, the report found.

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a telephone interview on Monday that hate groups have increased their presence at colleges through visits, rallies, speeches and alt-right online spaces. However, the seemingly antiquated approach of distributing fliers, often touting messages of white supremacy, has been a focus for increasing their physical presence on campuses. …

The report identified several groups, including Identity Evropa, American Vanguard and American Renaissance, that have made concerted efforts to distribute fliers on campuses. Identity Evropa and American Vanguard were both founded in 2016, it said.

Mr. Greenblatt said the groups were emboldened by a sort of middle-of-the-road acceptance in recent months.

“In a political environment where white supremacists have felt more welcome than any time in recent memory, we saw them move from their margins to the mainstream,” Mr. Greenblatt said. …”

In this case, a black journalist wrote a story for the Jewish-owned The New York Times about two White identitarian groups who are aggressively organizing on college campuses. The black journalist interviews ADL chief executive Jonathan Greenblatt and parrots every aspect of his narrative.

The White identitarian groups are characterized by the ADL as “white supremacists” and “hate groups” who are terrorizing “marginalized communities” by distributing fliers. They are said to be moving “from the margins to the mainstream.” What exactly does it mean to be “mainstream” on an American college campus? In practice, it means that pro-White and pro-Western student organizations are by definition illegitimate while Jewish and black student organizations are legitimate.

Take a look at Tamara Best’s Twitter feed:

The only objection The New York Times has to Richard Spencer, Identity Evropa and American Vanguard is that they are White. If they were black activists who were organizing to advance black interests, they would be fine. Black identitarians are mainstream enough to write for The New York Times.

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