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Sweden Top Cop on No Go Zones: Europe’s Open Borders ‘Has Brought Crime Here’


A Swedish police officer is now being investigated for pointing out that migrants are responsible for many crimes in his country, but a retired senior colleague has also spoken out on the phenomenon and called out Europe’s open borders for increasing crime in the formerly peaceful nation. Breitbart London spoke to recently retired Swedish police officer Torsten Elofsson in 2015 as his heavily resettled home city of Malmo was experiencing a serious spike in attacks committed by migrant communities with smuggled hand grenades. The former INTERPOL officer and director of Swedish criminal intelligence division said the population of the city, which has been the first point of entry for tens of thousands of illegal migrants as they moved north through Europe into Scandinavia, had gone up by 50 per cent in two decades but the number of officers to police it had halved. Senior cop Elofsson told Breitbart: Sweden became a member of the European Union in 1995 and opened our borders. We are part of the Schengen treaty, so you have that freedom of movement which has also brought criminality here… Gun and drug related crime has definitely increased. Until recently the possession of guns by criminals was very rare – now

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