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Recognize Control Words: The Left Tries To Control You Through Language


Recognize Control Words: The Left Tries To Control You Through Language

The Globalist and Cultural Marxist Left has been extremely successful in taking over the culture of the Western world. Slowly but surely, their ideas began to dominate and establish as the predominant ideology.

Much of this was accomplished through the power of the government, Corporate Media, and ‘Higher’ Education. But, the tool to control our thinking was, and still is, the control of our language through words.

Control Language, Control Thoughts

The rise of President Donald Trump was (in great part) caused by the people’s rejection of Political Correctness. The whole basis of P.C. policing and P.C. culture is to control language, and as such control your thoughts.

If you are not allowed to say certain things, you won’t be able to think certain ways. If you can’t question or ask about something without being called a bunch of attack and control words, your mind will not allow you to think about it.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of thought control and language policing:

1. Racist

The word racist is a slur and attack word used against White Europeans in order to berate and silence them. To be called a racist is to have anything you are saying be immediately dismissed, and viewed as illegitimate.

When you boil it down, a “racist’ just means a White European person who is looking out for their own interests.

  • Want to discuss limiting mass non-European immigration?
  • Want to discuss building a wall and deporting Illegal settlers?
  • Want to speak about stopping the millions of Illegal Muslim Settlers flooding into Europe?

You will be branded a racist for speaking about such things, and as such, the discussion is silenced. The purpose of this is to stop you speaking about and even thinking about such things. You engaged in ‘bad think’ and as such will be slurred, attacked, and disregarded.

Recognize Control Words: The Left Tries To Control You Through Language

2. Islamophobe

‘Islamophobe’ is another word meant to attack and control you. The true meaning of the word is anyone who questions anything that would be positive to Muslims. To not be an Islamophobe, you would need to be 100% behind supporting anything and everything Muslims want to do.

If you believe that:

  • Islam is not compatible with the West
    Millions of Muslims should not be flooding into Europe
  • Women in burqas should not be on the streets of Western cities
  • Mosques should be monitored as they have been known to be recruiting grounds/indoctrination centers for Islamic terrorist attacks
  • Perhaps the Mayor of London should be an Englishman and not a Pakistani Muslim

You would indeed be labeled as an Islamophobe. Similar to being called a ‘racist’, an Islamophobe is usually a White European who is looking out of their own (and their people’s own) interests. There have been thousands of sexual assaults committed by Muslims against the women of Europe , not to mention multiple Islamic terrorist attacks across Europe and the U.S. But, to even question why they are here and what they are doing is deemed as ‘Islamophobic.’

Recognize Control Words: The Left Tries To Control You Through LanguageThis is a completely normal thing to see in a Western city. You don’t think so? Islamophobe!

3. Sexist and Misogynist

As with other control words, being called a ‘sexist’ or ‘misogynist’ is a way to insult, attack, and silence you. To not be labeled either of these terms, you would have to believe that women and men are 100% the same in every way, and there are no differences between the genders.

If you believe that:

  • Men and women and inherently different
  • Women are happiest as stay at home moms than as 9-5 cubicle drones
  • In general, men should lead
  • the West is full of weak, effeminate men and over-masculized women

You would more than likely invoke the wrath of the P.C. Feminist police. The term sexist/misogynist is usually used to attack, shame, and silence White European men. Feminists and women never speak out about the mass rapes caused by Muslims in Europe, or the horrible treatment of women in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia. No; they prefer to only speak up against mainly White European men.

Recognize Control Words: The Left Tries To Control You Through Language

4. Homophobe

Notice that, as with Islamophobe, the word is attached with ‘phobe’ at the end. The definition of phobia is:

an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

The word means that someone is irrational to their aversion of something, and in this case are “irrationally” fearful of homosexuals. The term is used to invalidate any questions or concerns in regards to promoting homosexuality. To not be a homophobe, one must ‘believe’ that homosexuality is completely normal and just as good, if not better, than normal relationships and traditional gender roles.

If you believe that:

  • Homosexuals have urges/compulsions to have sex with as many men as possible, and that we should not be encouraging and enabling their behavior
  • Homosexuals have much, much higher rates of drug use
  • a Homosexual lifestyle is a choice, just as drug use/pedophilia is a choice
  • the Corporate Media and Hollywood are pushing to glamorize and propagandize people into completely accepting a homosexual lifestyle as normal

You would be considered a homophobe and someone who just hates gays ‘for no reason’. Nevermind that you didn’t actually say you hate them, but that you just have questions and concerns about the whole lifestyle being pushed and promoted by the Globalist powers that be.

Recognize Control Words: The Left Tries To Control You Through LanguageDon’t question the clear and apparent promotion and normalization of homosexuals/transgenders or you’re a homophobe!

Don’t Let them Define Terms

Consider these differences:

  • Illegal alien vs Undocumented Migrant
  • Refugee vs Illegal Muslim Settler
  • ‘Equal rights’ and affirmative action vs Discrimination against White Europeans (and Asians)
  • Tolerance vs weakness
  • Diversity vs Unity

The Cultural Marxist Left has done a great job in setting the terms (IE: the words) that are used in discussing political and cultural topics. What we all need to do is recognize that they are doing this, and actively disengage in their moral paradigm.

What this means is that you do not use ‘their’ words or abide by their Cultural Marxist morals. If they refer to the refugees in Europe, you do not call them as refugees. Why? Because by definition, they aren’t actually refugees.

If you fall into their moral paradigm and refer to them as refugees, you are (mistakenly) admitting that they are poor Syrians fleeing the brutal war in Syria, and must be given protection and aid. But that’s not the truth, as most of the so called refugees aren’t even from Syria. Most are military aged men who are seeking the highest paying welfare states such as Germany and Sweden.

Recognize Control Words: The Left Tries To Control You Through LanguageReal refugees don’t get to pick and choose the country they go to based on the amount of welfare they can get

This is why you need to call things by their proper term, and in this case you must refer to them as ‘Illegal Muslim Settlers’, or some similar variation. By doing this, you are reframing the discussion into one that represents the truth, and not the propaganda that the Cultural Marxist Left wants to pass as reality.

In the future, we all need to be sure to not only look at what they are saying, but how they are saying it.

Simply, Ignore

The final thing I will mention is that a lot of what the Left says is used to evoke an emotional response. The words they choose are .
meant to make you feel guilt, shame, and to make you feel bad. The Left wants to pathologize things that are completely normal and healthy.


regard or treat (someone or something) as psychologically abnormal or unhealthy.

You and I both know that having millions of Muslims flooding into your nation very well may spell death to the nation as you know it, and your fears and worries are 100% completely logical to have. By saying you are ‘Islamophobic’ because you don’t want millions of Muslims flooding into your nation, they try to deem you as someone abnormal and that you have something wrong with you.

To pathologize someone who has legitimate concerns is meant to make you feel small and make you feel like you are mentally unwell. Thus, it is used to control your legitimate concerns and worries in order to have you ‘stand down’ and stay silent.

As long as you can learn to recognize how the Cultural Marxist Left tries to control you, you can learn to ignore it and see it for what it really is: a way to try and control you.

We have a whole lot of winning to do in the future.

Let’s not allow the Left to control us any longer.

Let’s go.

Also Published at Purpose To Power.